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Olympia Motors Outlet is a company for the sale of used vehicles that builds its business on the principles of responsibility and care for people, society and nature. Our efforts are also in that direction to bring innovations from the automotive industry by following the world trends and understanding the real needs of the citizens.

OMO’s mission is to change the customer experience when buying a used vehicle, as well as to set new standards in attracting customers and selling used vehicles.
Our Vision is to create a new responsible driving culture that contributes to the improvement of air quality and the quality of life of citizens through the purchase of vehicles that meet high environmental and technological standards.
Let’s become a leading and innovative brand that will provide customers with the best solutions for their requirements and build loyalty together.
Values: The pricing policy, the professional team, a large inventory of quality vehicles and many years of experience are part of the changes that we bring and offer to the current market.


Customer Oriented: Continuous commitment to promoting true values ​​and premium service to our customers, far above market conditions and offers is what will make a difference in the market.
Quality: Olympia Motors Outlet’s entire vehicle offering is based on a strict emphasis on guaranteed quality. For each vehicle, the company provides real information and a guarantee about the origin, service history, as well as a variety of tools that would help provide you with the most adequate and cost-optimal vehicle for your needs.

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